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In recent years, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as a formidable player in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies. With proactive measures, resolute struggles, and determined actions, the UAE has taken significant strides to establish itself as a burgeoning crypto hub on the global stage. As the world witnesses this ambitious journey, the spotlight now turns to the renowned Winklevoss Twins, founders of the crypto platform Gemini.

Fueled by the UAE’s welcoming stance, the twins are set to elevate their crypto business horizon by embarking on a remarkable endeavor – the application for a coveted UAE crypto license. Intent on securing a virtual asset license, the twins aim to cater to UAE-based customers, a move driven by regulatory ambiguity and obstacles encountered in the US. The choice between Abu Dhabi and Dubai for their crypto company’s hub is yet to be finalized, a decision that could potentially encompass both thriving Emirates.

UAE’s Rise as a Global Virtual Asset Hub

In the past few years, the UAE has risen to prominence as a worldwide focal point for virtual assets. In the previous year’s March, Dubai took a significant step by embracing the Dubai Virtual Asset Regulation Law. This progressive legislation is designed to establish a sophisticated legal framework, safeguarding the interests of investors while fostering international benchmarks for the governance of the virtual asset sector. Such initiatives are tailored to foster responsible expansion within the emirate’s business landscape. The twins, expressing their views, highlighted the UAE’s dedicated endeavor to establish itself as a nurturing environment and a pivotal hub for the realm of cryptocurrencies. Foremost among their objectives is the implementation of considerate regulations that bridge connections and provide dual protection for consumers and the innovative endeavors of companies.

UAE’s Crypto Adoption Outpaces US: Insights from Gemini Report

As indicated by insights unveiled in Gemini’s Global State of Crypto Report, the UAE emerges with remarkable cryptoIs It Awful That Cryptocurrencies Are Gaining Mass Adoption, Or Is It Just A Necessary Step? rates, with over 35% of surveyed individuals having engaged in crypto acquisitions. In contrast, this number stands at 20% for respondents from the United States. Impressively, the UAE’s enthusiasm for crypto extends further, as nearly 32% of non-owners within the Emirates express a likelihood of entering the crypto sphere within the upcoming year.

Diving into spending patterns, 33% of crypto holders in the UAE have articulated plans to employ their holdings for in-person purchases at physical retail establishments, outshining the global average of 19% among crypto owners. These compelling findings, synergizing with the Winklevoss team’s dynamic dialogues encompassing regulatory bodies, startups, and other integral contributors to the crypto ecosystem, serve to solidify their keen interest in not only investing but actively participating in the UAE’s thriving crypto community.

Gemini Founders’ Insights: FTX Incident and Industry Perception

Cameron discussed the impact of the FTX incident on the industry. He mentioned, “We have been there for almost a decade, engaging with regulators, but post-FTX, everything changed. We had nothing to do with FTX, but suddenly that was an excuse to sour on the whole industry.” Reflecting on their experience in the UAE, the twins noted that it has not only met but also exceeded their expectations. The twins expressed their excitement about the growing global acceptance of cryptocurrencies and the increasing recognition of the importance of well-crafted regulations in supporting the industry’s growth.

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