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Rather than wander in the crypto space with little or no idea about suitable investments, you can embark on a journey to get as much information as possible detailing what coins to direct your money and investment to. This knowledge is essential because cryptocurrency, unlike other investments, depends mainly on expertise and using such to make investments. This knowledge is what helps you make excellent investment choices and avoid pitfalls. We have put this guide together to aid your understanding of crypto by giving you a breakdown of the coins on the rise within the space.  

5 Latest Crypto Coins On The Rise 

1.Bitcoin (BTC) 

The invention of BTC single-handedly changed traditional finance and still does. Since its invention in 2009, the coin has continued dominating the crypto market. Through the Proof of Work consensus, Bitcoin is safe and tightly secured, and even after 14 years since its inception, the coin is still on the rise despite a volatile market.  The price has skyrocketed, standing at about $48,000 per bitcoin today.

2.Ethereum (ETH) 

Ethereum is another currency that has maintained a constant rise in crypto. Since its inception in June 2015, the coin has cemented itself as the next big thing after Bitcoin.  Ethereum also made a name for itself by being a platform that sponsors smart contracts. Its coin has become synonymous with Green crypto and sustainable development. It currently weighs about $2,500 and has a market cap of $300.05 Billion. 

3.Binance coin (BNB) 

Binance is one of the most significant crypto coins in the world. Its value has increased since its inception as people have found it helpful to pay fees and trade on the Binance platform itself. Its promotion and trade on several cryptocurrency platforms have expanded since 2017, with its value increasing from $0.10 to $302, a 302.398% gain. Unsurprisingly, the demand for Binance has improved over the years, mainly due to its versatility.


Solana has quickly made a name for itself in cryptocurrency by supporting several decentralized applications. It has lower processing fees and a faster transaction rate than other coins, which has been its primary selling point. In 2023, it was tagged as the eighth most prominent cryptocurrency in the world. Solana uses Proof of Stake rather than Proof of Work and employs the history method to safeguard and cross-check every transaction. Solana began at $0.77 but now stands at $94.97

5.Tether (USDT) 

Tether was named the third-largest cryptocurrency in 2023. Its market cap grew sharply from $83.8 billion in 2023 to $96.1 billion in 2024. Of course, Tether is the USD version of cryptocurrency, which means that transactions are simple and reachable. Moreover, the coin allows timely and seamless transfers from other currencies to US dollars. However, the most appealing thing about this coin may be that it is not subject to market changes and style volatility.


Cryptocurrencies are an excellent way to begin your investment journey. Aside from the ease of trading, they make for an outstanding return on investment. Regardless, considering the broad utility of crypto coins, you should always look out for stability and potential growth. Luckily, all the coins mentioned possess these two traits in differing forms. You should check them out.

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