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In a momentous gathering on March 2, 2023, Crypto Oasis welcomed esteemed organizations and key figures from the global industry to its highly anticipated annual Ecosystem Night. This exclusive event served as a platform to honor and applaud the latest breakthroughs within the worldwide and local Web3 ecosystem while providing a captivating showcase of cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking ideas in the realms of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

As the second installment of this remarkable event, Crypto Oasis chose the exquisite Cove Beach, an integral part of the renowned Caesars Palace located on breathtaking Bluewaters Island. It was at this remarkable venue that Crypto Oasis unveiled a series of groundbreaking Web3 integrations, intertwining the domain of crypto with a captivating physical space, paving the way for an innovative and immersive digital future.

Cove Beach into the Metaverse: A Hyper-Realistic Virtual Venue by Exscape

Exscape accomplished an impressive feat by creating Cove Beach into the metaverse in just under six weeks. This virtual venue offers a hyper-realistic environment that allows people around the world to explore and experience it using VR headsets. As the co-host of the renowned Crypto Oasis Ecosystem Night, Exscape is a metaverse-based social platform and builder, focusing on creating engaging experiences at prestigious venues. Additionally, Cove Beach launched an exciting NFT-based membership program, providing interested individuals with the opportunity to purchase an annual membership to this unique virtual destination.

Immersive Experience and NFT Ownership

A renowned artist Faisal Zaidi has transformed a vast 12.5m wall at Cove Beach into the captivating Founders Mural, which was skillfully digitalized and divided into 100 unique pieces. Each digital artwork represents its physical counterpart on the wall and grants its owner an annual membership to the esteemed Beach Club. With much enthusiasm, Crypto Oasis embraces the integration of Cove Beach, their cherished destination for the annual Ecosystem Night, into Web3 through the launch of the metaverse experience and Membership NFTs. The Cove Beach Metaverse offers members an exclusive and immersive journey that blurs the boundaries between physical and virtual realms, while the Membership NFTs allow holders to possess a fragment of Cove Beach through the fractionalized mural showcased at the venue.

Bridging Social and Financial Interactions

The Metaverse signifies the upcoming era of social interaction, while NFTs revolutionize financial engagement. Cove Beach is enthusiastic about presenting its members with an unmatched amalgamation of the physical and digital worlds. Within Dubai’s society, the WEB3 community holds a significant position and forms an essential part of its venue’s audience. By venturing into the metaverse, Cove Beach provides users with a tantalizing preview of boundless possibilities. Collaborating with Crypto Oasis, Cove Beach eagerly anticipates developing even more inventive and immersive experiences for its esteemed users. As the venue is replicated in the metaverse, attendees can explore and relish the beach on their terms. The combined expertise of Crypto Oasis, Exscape, and Cove Beach results in an extraordinary Web3 experience for all.

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