Crypto Portfolio Trackers

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As cryptocurrencies gain more popularity and usage, it becomes more important to have strong tools for managing portfolios. Investors can use crypto portfolio trackers to keep track of their holdings, evaluate their performance, and efficiently make well-informed investment choices. This article provides a list of the best crypto portfolio trackers for 2024. These trackers have distinct features that cater to the varying requirements of investors.

Top Crypto Portfolio Trackers For 2024


CoinStats provides a portfolio tracker enabling you to manage all your crypto and DeFi assets from one location. Users have the ability to sell, buy, track, swap, and earn from their cryptocurrencies. They can gain market insights for Bitcoin and more than 8000 other coins/tokens. The crypto tracker allows you to see your portfolio easily.

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CoinMarketCap is a reliable tool for tracking crypto prices. In addition, the company provides investors with a product for tracking their portfolio. Although the platform lacks some functionality, it can be a suitable choice for budget-conscious traders who prefer to input their crypto holdings manually. Automatic wallet and exchange connections are not supported by CoinMarketCap.


Koinly is a software designed to help with crypto tax reporting. Users can generate a comprehensive report with minimal effort in just a few minutes. With this tool, you can get a free preview of your capital gains tax and keep track of your anticipated capital gains on cryptocurrency over time.


Delta is a widely used portfolio tracker known for its popularity. The Delta Investment Tracker is an app that allows you to easily monitor your entire investment portfolio, including your cryptocurrency holdings. With the free version, you can only connect to two exchange platforms. However, these limits get lifted if you upgrade to the paid version.


CryptoCompare is an ecosystem for cryptocurrency that goes beyond just being a portfolio tracker. The company provides various services like data, content, and educational guides. Also, they offer a price aggregator for the most popular cryptocurrencies and exchanges. The CryptoCompare portfolio tracker has a major benefit in that it is entirely cloud-based. Signing up is free, and there are versions available for both iOS and Android.


CoinTracking Analysis is an application for tracking your portfolio that enables you to trade and produce reports on your profit and loss in real-time. You can assess the value of your coins, calculate realized and unrealized gains and losses, generate tax reports, and perform other related tasks. You can view the prices of all 7666 coins and assets in one comprehensive overview.


Efficiently managing crypto investments is becoming increasingly important as the cryptocurrency market evolves. These top cryptocurrency portfolio trackers provide a range of features and functions to meet the requirements of various types of investors.

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