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Founded in 2018, Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a professional platform with a high-speed matching engine, first-rate customer care, and multilingual community support for cryptocurrency traders. The crypto exchange is on target to multiply its regional trading volume by 2023.

It is hoping to accelerate worldwide expansions from its new home base through new collaboration, talent development, and product innovation programs. This aligns with the platform’s vision to become the world’s Crypto Ark and to allow the widespread adoption of digital assets.

In the press announcement, Ben Zhou, CEO and co-founder of Bybit, referred to the Middle East North Africa region and said that Dubai is one of the most advanced centres for digital assets in MENA and the world and is well situated to take advantage of the prospects in the sector.

Dubai Becomes The Global Headquarters for World Famous Crypto Exchange, Bybit

Bybit, one of the first exchange services to be granted in-principle authorization to operate in Dubai has gained the second top spot among about 400 crypto and blockchain enterprises in MENA. Furthermore, Zhou expressed his excitement about being a part of Dubai’s futuristic skyline and, more significantly, about calling Dubai home formally.

He also added that the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors would be the backbone and the connecting tissues of the digital economy, which is developing at an unprecedented rate. The headquarters will be devoted to fostering a sense of community and trust, providing a physical location for the Bybit community to come together and take advantage of the many possibilities in the centre of the city of gold.

Additionally, the corporate offices, located at One Central in the Dubai World Trade Center, have an open area of 16,000 square feet. And it currently caters to customers worldwide in about 160 countries with over 16 languages. According to Zhou, the site was created to represent Bybit’s dedication to transparency, creativity, and openness. He added that the new office would be a cutting-edge gathering place for dreamers and creators to share ideas and open up Web3’s higher-level potential. “Friends and relatives of the Bybits are welcome to stop over; our door will be open.”

In addition, Bybit aims to develop local talent through innovative and educational programs like seminars and hackathons at several regional colleges. At the new headquarters, it intends to bring the product development process closer to the customer. Workshops to elicit customer feedback, clarify the product design and commercialization processes, and hold sharing sessions about the most recent market insights and trends that are in the works.

The launch comes almost a year after Bybit announced ambitions to set up shop in the emirate based on in-principle clearance to relocate its global headquarters there. Zhou expressed their objectives stating that Bybit has dedicated our time to cultivating MENA communities and scouting top talent, despite the tumultuous markets, global economic uncertainty, and other sobering moments in our industry. The firm is also engaging with the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority to open the way for sustainability in the Middle East and beyond.

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