AI-Enabled Crypto Projects

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AI-Enabled crypto projects are tools powered by artificial intelligence set up by various platforms to oversee multiple tasks such as predictive modeling, decision-making, and data analytics. These projects have taken advantage of the decentralized ledger system used by blockchain, and they are gaining traction in the crypto world. Below are five of them that may tickle your fancy

AI-Enabled Crypto Projects you should know in 2024


Blackbird.AI hinges on blockchain technology to solve the problem of misinformation and information manipulation. The AI platform is dedicated to helping users analyze information to promote a community of information integrity globally. The project was built by an efficient and multi-disciplinary team comprising engineers, industry professionals, and founders who all communicate to spread information integrity worldwide. uses crypto technology through a proprietary Disinfo Cloud Platform for identifying fake news online. It has recently launched a new AI assistant for a security analyst to manage cybersecurity incidents effectively


SingularityNet epitomizes using decentralized legal technology for other purposes besides cryptocurrency. The project uses Artificial Intelligence to construct a decentralized marketplace with blockchain functionality. Its central vision is to see the development of Artificial General Intelligence for technological singularity. SingularityNet provides an AI publisher and AI Market place, which provides a vast array of AI algorithms that create, edit, and manage AI services and other tools to activate the said services.

Fetch.AI is a brilliant blockchain platform that aims to use AI to automate menial tasks and everyday tasks. The platform uses a decentralized, single-ledger technology that connects suppliers and consumers and uses the IoT to optimize daily living. It also uses machine learning and data sharing to solve problems facing industries and sectors. connects the economy and the involvement of people without direct human interference. Companies can use the platform to build and deploy machine learning software agents to provide services with the capabilities of Autonomous Economic Agents.

VeChain (VET)

VeChain is one of the AI-Enabled crypto projects that use smart contract Artificial Intelligence to allow developers to create smart contracts and DApps to enable companies in logistics, supply chain management, and other decentralized services. VeChain can be actively used across various industries. It is specialized such that it has a unique Identity and a sensor to track products, all done through Artificial Intelligence. VeChain is known for using Ethereum and Cardano tokens for its activities, but it also has a primary token for storing and transferring values known as VET.

Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is about linking data providers and consumers in a blockchain-oriented marketplace. The AI-Enabled crypto project allows the exchange of data and related services. It also allows users and developers to monetize the data on the platform. Several sources have identified Ocean Protocol as a crypto on-ramp for data services that unlock and proffers the value of data by using blockchain technology to users.


All of the above are potentially ongoing crypto projects in 2024. Interestingly, each has tokens and coins that are great for investment and will receive global acknowledgment and huge ROIs soon. A quick perusal of the individual sites of the Artificial Intelligence projects above should give an extensive understanding of the projects and their services.


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